8 ways to use Honey Dust from Kama Sutra

by Chrystal Bougon on February 18, 2010

Can you think of other ways to use the Kama Sutra Honey Dust?

There are SO MANY ways to use this delish edible organic body dust from BlissConnection.com .  This lovely tin can comes with this beautiful feather duster and one can of Honey Dust will last you about 3 – 5 years. You just need a little each time you use it. It turns out that HONEY is a great skin softener and skin conditioner, so it also makes your skin extra soft and velvety.

1. You can use Honey Dust from BlissConnection.com to keep you dry. It’s especially great for women with large breasts – just lift up the girls and cover then in honey dust. You can put it in the bra to keep you dry and smelling good. No one likes bewbie sweat.

2. You can skip washing your hair 1 day a week and sprinkle a little bit on your scalp with the feather duster. The corn starch in the dust absorbs the oil and the honeysuckle scent makes your hair smell good for an extra day or two. Gives you nice body at the crown, too.

3. If you do not like to give him oral because you do not like the way he smells or taste, you can dust his JEWELS with some honey dust and he will smell sweet and fresh. It’s totally edible and organic. (Great for the schweatty balls!) We call them HONEY NUTS and it’s very fun to give your guy a b.j. and find little honey dust surprises here and there.

4. If you have a wet spot on your bed, you can sprinkle a little onto the wetspot and it absorbs into the powder. Get a tissue and just clean up the honey dust and your bed will be dry and smell good until you can change your sheets the next day.  (Also great for when your sheets are smelling a little musty or funky. Freshens up your sheets, your pillows and your mattress,too.)

5. After a full body massage, have your partner dust your entire body with the dust to absorb the massage oil. Keeps your sheets nice and not covered in massage oil. The corn starch absorbs some of the massage oil. (Nice to have a little tickle massage with the feather duster!)

6. If you are not feeling 100% confident about recieving oral sex, dust yourself with some Honey Dust. It will make you smell good, taste good and feel good. It’s safe to use on the inner thighs, the labia, in your panties or g-string. Again, it’s just honey and corn starch… so no talc in this product. (Some research suggests talcum powder is not safe for women.)

7. In the summertime, when it’s super HOT and you don’t want to have sex because it’s way too hot…dust you and your partner with the Honey Dust and it will keep you from sticking together while you have a quickie! Feels fantastic and silky on your skin.

8.  There are many other ways to use the edible and organic Honey Dust…. my friend Julie from JewelSexpression.com loves to use it when she slips on her boots to make it easier to slide them on.  I think it’s fantastic in your shoes and sandals to keep them smelling fresh. You can even dust a bit inside your blouse or bra. This is such a beautiful, decadent, luxurious product from Kama Sutra and it’s so affordable, too.

This is the best SENSUAL BODY POWDER and you can’t go wrong with any of the Kama Sutra products. They make the highest quality products and we carry lots of the Kama Sutra products on our very tasteful online romance store BlissConnection.com

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Susan Liddy February 21, 2010 at 8:25 pm

I LOVE this stuff!!!

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