6 reasons that women have difficulty self lubricating

by Chrystal Bougon on June 8, 2011

Pjur Eros lube

1. Too much Starbucks, Rock Stars or Red Bulls – the caffeine can make some women dry. (And too much caffiene can make it difficult for some women to climax.) (The Eros lube makes it SO luxurious!)

2. Allergy medication. It dries out all of your mucus membranes. Millions of women take allergy meds this time of year for their hay fever and have no idea it can impact their ability to lubricate.

3. Anti Depressants and anti anxiety meds can decrease a woman’s libido and make it difficult for women to lubricate.

4. Stress. Stress sometimes gives men Erectile Dysfuntion. Well, in women, it can diminish our libido and make it difficult to get wet.

5. Sleep deprivation. Just like #4 above, lack of sleep seriously lowers our sex drive and makes it difficult for women to get wet enough for intercourse.

6. Not enough water in your diet can also make it difficult. Our bodies need lots of water daily to function properly. Just water. Not water from fruit juice or sodas. Water. And the more caffiene you have in your diet, the more water you need.

All of these reasons is why I like to coach women and couples to think of a GREAT LUBRICANT like the Eros Silicone Bodyglide as a tool and like a luxury item you add to our romantic life.

Lubricants have such a stigma attached to them.  As a woman, I can tell you that sometimes my body defies me. I have been in situations where I was CRAZY turned on and drier then the Sahara desert. And other times when what my partner was doing for me wasn’t all that awesome – but I was very wet. Our bodies are complicated and so is the female sexual response cycle.

And, by the way, I have met women in their 90’s who have never need a lube. And I have met women who are 19 years old and have needed a lubricant since they became sexuall active.

So, in summary – let’s just GET RID OF all of those old stereotypes we have about lubricant and let’s celebrate that companies like Pjur, Sliquid and AloeCadabra make fantastically yummy lubes that enhance our sex lives and leave us feeling like we are having LUXURIOUS sex!

If you would like to read our other blogs on lube, we wrote a blog called “15 Reasons why we Love the Eros Lube” and a few others here on our blog.  www.Bliss-Radio.com

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Eli Block June 13, 2011 at 10:55 pm

I enjoyed your blog post. Hopefully it won’t be long until our culture embraces these topics more openly. It reminded me of this talk I saw at TEDxSF last week about redefining the female orgasm, which believe it or not, has a lot to do with lubrication:


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