Oral Sex is a GIFT – giving and receiving

by Chrystal Bougon on December 17, 2013

This topic came up twice at my Curvy Girl Lingerie store today and I knew it was time to write this blog. It’s been percolating in my brain for years!

sex-toys-san-jose Oral Sex Game

I pretty much get out of bed in the morning for the possibility I might receive oral sex that day. (I am not even kind of joking about this one.) I love to receive oral sex. (And, I want you to LOVE  receiving oral sex, too.)  And, I also love giving oral sex to my lover. (And I want you to love giving it, too.) I think there is nothing more personal or intimate and that giving oral sex is a GIFT. Receiving oral sex is a GIFT.

In my experience, giving a blow job to a man is like the opposite of rejection for men. I wish more women felt the same way about receiving it.  (And, btw, NO ONE should EVER feel like they have to give or receive oral sex. It may not be exactly the right thing for every single person. I get that. So no one should ever feel pressured to give or receive. This blog is for people who might want to learn more about why they are reacting they way they do to oral sex.)

I feel strongly that giving oral sex to your lover (male or female) should leave you feeling beautiful, empowered and powerful. And, when you receive oral sex from your lover, you should feel as if you are receiving a very lovely, very personal, very intimate gift from your lover.

Over the past 11 years (I have been educating and entertaining women and couples about sex toys since April 2003) I have heard from hundreds, maybe thousands of women, about their issues with oral sex. Today, at the store, it reminded me of all of these discussions. I had one woman in my plus size lingerie store asking me questions about how to be less intimidated and less “grossed our” by giving her husband a blow job. We talked a lot about some past experiences she had and how that possibly some therapy might be a great idea for her to deal with some past sexual trauma that has been haunting her for awhile.

Stop Buying What the Media is Selling Stop Buying What the Media is Selling

Right after that woman left, I had a very emotional discussion with a woman who just did not know how to receive and enjoy oral sex from her boyfriend.  Both of my customers wanted some advice and tips. The second woman was SO worried about the way her vagina/vulva looks and smells. She has read and heard many messages from the media and pop culture that her body might not be perfect exactly the way it is. She thought she needed to smell like “sweet romance” which is a scent that you can buy from Massengil. (Ok, I have NO freaking idea what “sweet romance” smells or tastes like – I am pretty sure it does not exist in nature. It only exists in a lab somewhere in the Massengil offices.)

I was telling her, that is she is healthy and clean – then her vagina smells and tastes, most likely, exactly like a vagina is supposed to taste and smell like. (You know how I always say “stop buying what the media is selling” … well this is exactly the crap I am talking about. The media tries to make women feel bad about their vaginas. I promise you – if you are in a relationship with a straight man – he will LOVE the way your vagina smells and tastes.

I can talk and write about this topic for days. The goal of this blog – to help create a dialogue for women who wonder if they are normal or typical. I would LOVE for you too enjoy giving and receiving any time the opportunity presents itself. Life is so short. And life is way too short to not enjoy every single pleasure your body is capable of!

And, oral sex can be one of the most pleasureable sex acts and such a lovely gift you can give each other. Just be sure to be super safe and COMMUNICATE with your lover. Communication is lubrication. The sooner you begin a dialogue about your wants and needs with your lover – the sooner your sex life will improve.

I do sell an ebook about how to give a gourmet blow job and how to give an efficient blow job. It’s a 14 page full color ebook and you can buy it here and we will email it to you. $4.98 cents with a full 100% money back guarantee. I do write a lot about ejaculate, hygiene and swallowing in my ebook, too.

Do you have any tips for women about giving or receiving and how we can all enjoy more of this in our own sex lives?

Sincerely, Chrystal Bougon

Curvy Girl Owner & Resident Curvy Girl







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