Batteries and your sex toys: Take them out in between use

by Chrystal Bougon on June 21, 2010

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Yes, you are supposed to take your batteries out of your sex toys in between use. If you have fallen in love with your sex toy, you will take our advice. When we talk to the various sex toy manufacturers on our Better Sex Radio show and at the Sex Toy trade shows, it’s the first thing they all suggest when we ask them how can we prolong the life of the sex toys we sell.

It’s true of all electronics, actually. Taking the batteries out can prolong the life of your toy – sex toy or other. And, if you own the beautiful Pearl Thunder which is made with in Japan with Honda Motor Parts – you probably spend somewhere around $100 on that toy. That is something you want to last a good 5 ot 10 years, right? Now imagine $9.00 worth of double aa batteries leaking and ruining your favorite Sex Toy.  (Insert sad face here.)

Another thing you can do to make your toys last longer is clean them with an unscented baby wipe – do not clean them under running water. We are pretty sure that too much moisture from cleaning the toys is what causes your rabbits, dolphins and beavers to die an early death.  A great sex toy is a a great lover – you never want to have to kick them to the curb.

Tired of batteries all together? Check out the Lelo Toys that are rechargeable!


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