17 Reasons Women Fake Orgasms

by Chrystal Bougon on November 22, 2012


Photo Credit : BBC News :  Brain Scan of a Woman Faking An Orgasm

I did an interview recently with the Mancow.com show and they interviewed me as to the REAL REASON women fake orgasms. So, I asked my friends, followers and fans on my Bliss and Curvy Girl Lingerie page. Here is the feedback I received about why women fake it.

1. Bored to tears with the style of sexual stimulation their lover is giving them.

2. One night stand. Just want it to be over.

3. The realtionship is too new. Not comfortable enough yet to take the time necessary.

4. Want it to be over.

5. Want my

lover to feel good about himself.

6. It takes too long.

7. Not into him.

8. In the beginning, I faked it. Now he does that stuff over and over.

9. On anti depressants. It takes me too long. I feel bad.

10. My husband does not like sex toys and the bullet is the only way I can climax.

11. My husband needs an ego boost.

12. Don’t know how to tell him what I need.

13. Never had an orgasm. Ever.

14.  Want to protect his ego.

15.  Drink too much. Makes it hard to have a climax.

16.  I am very insecure about my body.

17. I dont have much information about sex. I don’t know how to have one.

All of these reasons leave me INSPIRED. I mean, I was going to say sad. But, it inspires me because I love to help people to have better sex and I love giving them some ideas for ways they may be able to achieve an orgasm with their partner. I am on a mission to help women stop faking it and just have one. I even own a website called   www.StopFakingItJustHaveOne.com  … I really want women to know if they put a silver bullet on their clitoris while making love, they can probably have an orgasm every single time.

Communication makes your sex life so HOT! If you are faking it, I challenge you to stop and take a deep breath and then tell your lover what it is you need him or her to do to help you have an orgasm WITH them. As my friend Emily Morse of www.SexWithEmily.com says… Communication is Lubrication.

If you are interested in a silver bullet vibrator, I do have a program called  www.FreeSilverBullet.com . It’s a great sex toy. Yes, there are sex toys that are bigger and better, but this onewill get the job done for ya!

Blissfully, Chrystal Bougon





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J9 November 26, 2012 at 9:04 am

Wow CB, 5 of the reasons directly deal with the needs of the man rather than the woman and 3 deal with insecurity. This blows me away. I applaud you for your efforts to empower women to take control of their orgasms and get what THEY need. Both parties will be happier in the bedroom.

Chrystal Bougon November 26, 2012 at 10:13 am

I know. I applaud everyone for being so honest. I hope they STOP faking it. And TALK to their partners.

Lindsay January 16, 2013 at 11:19 am

I was surprised by the list of reasons to fake an orgasm. My first response was…how sad it is that men seem to know so little about a woman’s anatomy that their partners are faking orgasms and they don’t even know it!!! It’s also sad that so many women are afraid to shatter the fragile ego’s of their partners. Instead they are faking orgasms and it seems that they are setting themselves up for a lifetime of faking it or self servicing after sex.

Education and communication are the key to better sex. Thank goodness we have you Chrystal on your mission to educate all of us on how to have a more satisfying sexual experiences WITH our partners.

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