A Sexy Christmas Buyer’s Guide for the Guys from BlissConnection.com

by Chrystal Bougon on December 13, 2009

We know. Men are BUYERS not SHOPPERS. Men just want to know WHAT to BUY and WHERE to BUY it and they are all good. Men do not enjoy the social event that we girls call shopping. It’s stressful for men to think about parking at the mall, fighting the crowds and making sure they are getting the best deal. Women look at it as a challenge.

Sexy Ms. Claus

Sexy Ms. Claus

So, to that end, here is a nice and simple list of SEXY Gift Ideas that are a GUARANTEED Home Run with your Ms. or Mrs. Claus. (And, if you read the study that was done in Germany about how looking at large boobs can reduce a man’s blood pressure, this image of Sexy Santa shaking her boobs will make more sense!)

5 Gift Ideas for Guys to Create a Sexier Christmas Season from BlissConnection.com  

Lelo Nea

Lelo Nea

    1.  Why not start it off by letting her know how much you appreciate her elegance, class and sexiness? This artful and beautiful toy from Lelo shows you want to nurture her sexiness and you are comfortable with her spending time alone or are willing to share the spotlight. This brilliant massager works great for a clitoral orgasm and is small enough for her to slide between the two of you during your lovemaking.   The Lelo toys are always gorgeous and rechargeable, so no batteries required to fill our landfill. This is also a very quiet toy. Women with kids are often worried about their toys that are too loud, so let her know you thought of everything with this sleek vibrator.

2.  It may mean a little bit of work for you, but I promise it will pay huge dividends…. buy some edible massage oil and give her a hand written coupon for a full body relaxation massage with NO happy ending for you. If she knows all of the expectations are removed from the massage you are giving her, she will likely pay you back in a big way – but let her know in the beginning that the massage is a gift and not a way to work your penis into the equation.  🙂

3. Lingerie– we know you love it. My word of advice here guys – I know it’s very tempting to buy her lingerie that is very slutty or trashy looking. But, remember, this is a gift to her not for you. Women like to have a variety of lingerie and outfits to choose from, but we often find the slutty and trashy looking lingerie is not comfortable to sleep in or even to wear. When buying her something for Christmas, think about (a)  texture, (b)touch the seems on the inside of the garment, (c)consider how it may make her feel too cold in the winter and her (d) overall comfort. Save the trashy lingerie gifts for Valentine’s Day. Let her know you like to see her in both styles. Christmas time might be one of those occasions to show her you think she is beautiful, pretty, feminine and elegant. Give www.HipsAndCurves.com a spin if she is a REAL WOMAN over size 10. Of course, Victoria’s Secret is a great option, too.

4.  Invest in your future, gents. For some reason, we hear from a lot of women that they have bought games and dice and other goodies with the hopes of getting you to play them and create some sizzle in your bedroom – but they meet a lot of resistance. This is your chance to show her you are game and you do appreciate her efforts in the past to spice things up. This game in particulare is called LUST: A Game For Couples and besides being a lot of fun for the two of you to play on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day – it sends  a message to her that you CARE about your love life and you want to nurture it – and that you still think shes HOT!

5.  Show her how important her sexual satisfcation is to you. Invest in a G Spot Toy or a Rabbit Style toy so the two of you (or your Ms. Claus alone)  can begin to explore her own orgasms.  Trust me when I tell you that a toy cannot replace you. Sex toys are just an appetizer, you are her entree. So show her that you are comfortable with your own sexuality and that you want her to take the time to understand her own. Have a threesome – you, her and her favorite sex toy! (My personal favorite is the 5 Speed Bullet.)

I hope that was helpful! If you are considering buying a sexy gift for her from our very tasteful online store, be sure to use the coupon code KISS for a Free Butterfly Kiss with your $40 purchase!

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