Cougarism and Cougar Extraordinaire “Hattie” on Better Sex Radio

by Chrystal Bougon on January 2, 2010



From now on, I’ll only date guys 35 and under…preferably artists.” That is from the blog of my guest “Hattie” who has been on the front lines for decades – dating men who are less then half her age. She is in her 70’s, she is dating men in their 20’s and 30’s and she is going to be a guest on Better Sex Radio on the 6th to tell us all about it!  Tune in to at 11 a.m. Pacific Time.

This is from one of Hattie’s blogs:

“Here’s the rationale I came up with” (for determining the age of the men she would date):

“Since my failed marriage lasted 25 years, I’ll just subtract those years from my chronological age and start over! “
And that’s exactly what I did. And here’s what I learned from dating/sleeping with dozens of men, many being half my age! I recommend you seriously follow this advice, if you can. After all, maybe it’ll save you from some of the suffering I went through before I mastered Cougarism:

If you find that you’re falling in love with your young boyfriend, enjoy the emotional and physical high…BUT, don’t put pressure on him to feel the same…and certainly NEVER EXPECT A LIFE COMMITTMENT.  
I’m not saying that this will never happen, but any pressure will send him packing.”  To learn more about Hattie and learn more about her ideas for staying YOUNG and VIBRANT well into your 70’s and older.

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