Bliss e-book : Penis rings, gourmet & efficient b.j.’s

by Chrystal Bougon on September 14, 2011


Blow jobs, penis rings, deep throating and more all covered in my 14 page e-book. The reality is that some days we have time to give the gourmet b.j. and other times we don’t. I know guys hate to hear the words “efficient” and “b.j.” in the same sentence. But, I like to say to men, isn’t it better to receive an efficient b.j. then NO b.j.?  


So, we gathered all of our best tips from all of our pleasure parties and our own personal experience and created a 14 page book full of tips for giving a gourmet blow job and an efficient blow job, too.

We also cover all of the Penis Ring 101 basics and teach you how to prep “the area” for a penis ring. We even included some techniques for giving deep oral sex. I wrote this e-book with lots of love and with fun in mind. Sex is supposed to be fun! Oral sex, too.

We are offering a full money back guarantee with our e-book, too. If you are not 100% satisfied, we are happy to refund your $4.99. Just send us an email and let us know you are not happy with it or did not learn anything new. We want you to be happy.

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  • Sounds like something I would enjoy (doing) reading!

  • Danelle Willey

    Can’t wait to read more I am always interested in learning more!

  • Whichgoddess

    this will help in spicing up my love life :))

  • blissconnection

    Thanks Crystal. Can you please email me at and I will be happy to send you a copy. Thanks so much.

  • blissconnection

    Thanks Danelle. I will send you a copy of my blow job e book.

  • Darlene D.

    I like giving b.j.s, but sometimes I need some help. Looks like an interesting book! 🙂

  • blissconnection

    Thanks whichgoddess. Can you please email me at and I will send you a copy of our blow job e book. It’s 14 pages and we teach you how to give a gourmet blow job and an efficient blow job. We throw some cock ring tips in there, too.

  • blissconnection

    Sure, Darlene. I hope you enjoy our ebook on how to give a gourmet blow job and for those days when we don’t have so much time – how to give an efficient blow job.

  • Gracy Paul

    I would love to learn more on this.

  • blissconnection

    Sure thing, Gracy. I would love to send you a copy. Please email me at

  • brandi

    Love to learn new techniques to use on my man!!

  • blissconnection

    Would love to share our blow job tips with you, Brandi. Email us at

  • samantha

    i’d love to learn how to be efficient but still satisfying 

  • blissconnection

    Thanks for your comment, Samantha. I’d love to share my blow job handbook with you. Please email me at so I can reply with your copy.

  • Ria

    I can’t wait to read & show my husband 🙂 #winning

  • eager2no

    i just purchased the e-book now how do i down load it?

  • I have emailed it to you twice, now. Your email keeps bouncing. Maybe you can email me a NON aol email address. That may work better. AOL is tempermental. My email is

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