Fun questions overheard at a Pleasure Party

by Chrystal Bougon on September 6, 2011


Will my husband be offended if I ask him to f*** me harder?

Does it mean I am gay if I like a finger up my butt?

Don’t we pee from our clitoris?

Where is my clitoris?

Does saliva kill sperm? I heard if you give a blow job first the saliva can kill or slow down the swimmers.

Is it rude to run to the bathroom and spit out his ejaculate?

Will my boyfriend be mad if I use my sex toy after we have sex?

Can I give my girlfriend my sex toys that I don’t use any more?

I have a great sex life. Why would I need a vibrator? I mean, I have never had an orgasm before but I have a great sex life.

Is it strange for a husband and wife to only have sex once a year or less?

Ok, party people, tell us the other funny questions you have heard at a Pleasure Party?

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