FWB: Friends With Benefits. Does someone always get hurt?

by Chrystal Bougon on May 23, 2010

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 Friends With Benefits Relationships: I posed a simple question on our BlissConnection “Fan / Like” page that asked the question ” Can you have an FWB relationship without anyone getting hurt?”  It created a fantastic dialogue and I am going to share some of it here. It’s very intresting and we all know this to be true –  but EVERYTHING dating/ sex related all comes down to COMMUNICATION. You need to be honest, communicate where you stand and if you have more then one FWB, everyone has to know about each other.  I am a big believer in the “If it feels good to you, do it.” But, I also say to make sure that NO ONE is getting hurt. All relationships whether they be casual, fully committed, or married come down to treating the other person with respect.

Urban Dictionary Definition of FWB here!

Fan #1: It is not true that “someone always ends up with hurt feelings” – that isn’t true at all. I have had friends like this and what is true is that if you choose intelligent and mature friends and tell the truth then everyone can enjoy the friendship with or without sex. Sex is something we don’t associate with friendship, but that is just because we assume they mean two different things. The problem with most FWB situations is the “friend” part actually gets ignored. If you treat another person with respect, laugh and talk and honor what you bring to the relationship it doesn’t have to be forever or to be more than a friendship where you also enjoy hot sex together. Ignore the “friends” part and only focus on the “benefits” and of course people will be hurt because people don’t like to be used.

Fan #2:   I kinda think someone always ends up with hurt feelings, no matter what… At least one of the people involved… But that’s just my opinion…

Fan #3:  Having a FWB relationship can be as complicated as any other kind of relationship. People think just because its casual, people will not be developing any feelings for the other person. But, any time you spend a large amount of time with a person – you just do develop feelings. And when you have sex with someone on a regular or semi regular basis, you do bond in a chemical way. I am OVER having FWB relationships myself. I get too attached and always end up with hurt feelings.

Fan #4:  I have lots of FWB’s and they never hurt me. And they all do know about each other.

Fan #5: You can, but usually in the end, someone wants more, and thats where the problems come in. Like that movie “Up in the Air.”

Fan #6:  I don’t understand? Why do people have FWB relationships? What are they trying to avoid? What is the benefit of it besides the casual sex? It seems way more complicated then a regular relationship. How do you define FWB? Does it mean sex without having to go on a date? Does it mean you can date other people? I just do not get it.

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Blissfully, Chrystal Bougon

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