9 Health Benefits of Masturbation for Women

by Chrystal Bougon on January 10, 2010

Masturbation has all kinds of HEALTH BENEFITS. (Just in case you need more convincing! Your clitoris was designed for your pleasure. It has no other functionality, ladies. It exists just to give you a climax. Use it! ) 



1. It builds a woman’s resistance to yeast infections.

2. It reduces premestrual cramps and reduces crabiness, too.

3. Due to the additional blood flow to the pelvic regiion, it will reduce your chronic back pain NOT related to your cycle. Just back pain in general thanks to the extra blood masturbation and orgasms bring to the pelvic region.

 4. Builds and tones the pelvic floor muscles (the pc muscle) which improves partner sex! (Just like any muscle, the better toned it is the better it’s performance later.)

5. Not that women need this, but masturbation increases our threshold for pain as well.

6. It’s a great stress reliever. It will make you a better Mommy, a better wife, a better employee, a better daughter and a better friend because your attutude will improve. Think endorphins here, ladies! Great tension reliever. (And all it takes is a good 20 minutes of alone time… it’s FREE and EASY.)

7. Everyone knows masturbation helps us all to sleep. Especially if we are all snuggled in our bed, in our jammies, with the lights low and with our favorite vibrator near by!

8. Improves your self awareness and better understanding of our sexual response cycle. Helps you to understand what you need to achieve an orgasm.

9. This is THE safest sex out there. You will not give yourself an STD!

You deserve PLEASURE. As my friend and OB/FYN Dr. Lissa Rankin said on her own website http://www.OwningPink.com “pleasure is your birth right.” Thank you Lissa! You called that one.

This is just a little teaser…. I have a new mission besides my http://www.FreeSilverBullet.com project. I am creating a website that encourages women to masturbate or give themselves some kind of pleasure for the 13 days leading up to Valentine’s Day. More to come soon.

In the meantime, if you need a little something that vibrates to get you ready for our 13 Day Challenge? Check out our very tasteful online romance store at http://www.BlissConnection.com and be sure to use the coupon code KISS for a free Butterfly Kiss with your $50 purchase.

Blissfully, Chrystal
Sex Expert, Pleasure Coach


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