Madison Young: Your Kinky Girl Next Door on Better Sex Radio

by Chrystal Bougon on February 9, 2010

Madison  Young

Madison Young

“Madison Young is a world-wide famous bondage and fetish model, adult performer, activist, writer and feminist. Madison is a great fan of bondage and BDSM. She loves being tied up for the camera and in a real life.”

We have RARELY broached the subject of bondage and kink on Better Sex Radio in our one year! (Yes, Happy Birthday to our Award Winning Better Sex Radio SHow. Our one year anniversary was Feb. 4th, 2010.) We have had two professional Dominatrix on the show and some other guests who touched on the subject of BDSM and KINK, but mostly in the vanilla sort of way and in the context of heterosexual couples experimenting with bondage. (Remember the “Bondage on a Budget” show?)

We are SO excited to announce that Madison Young is gracing us with an interview this week! She is a Bay Area girl, though originally from Ohio (gasp. She is from a RED STATE.) and she is the founder of   which is her Art Gallery in SF. This is directly from the Femina Potens website:

“Femina Potens, which means “powerful woman” in Latin, conducts multidisciplinary programs that authentically explore the experiences of women, transgendered persons and others living outside the female-male gender binary. Our year-round visual arts exhibitions, media arts events, public arts projects, performances and educational programs explore a wide range of LGBT community issues relevant to the audiences we serve which include queers, women, feminists ,trans, genderqueer, genderfluid,intersex, kink community, sex worker community, sex positive community, partners and allies.”

Madison Young is an award-winning artist, activist, educator, porn star and director. She has been directing erotic films since 2005 for her highly acclaimed video line, Madison Young Productions. The Feminist Porn Awards have twice selected Madison and her work for recognition, with an award for Best Kink Film in 2008, and the title of Indie Porn Pioneer in 2009. I am HONORED to have such an ambitious WOMAN on our show! And, if you have never seen any of her adult movies – well I am here to tell you they are DIFFERENT then anything  you have ever seen in mainstream porn. Madison’s movies would be considered super KINKY and hard core by most people’s definition….but what I find the MOST COMPELLING about the snipettes and samples of her movies I have seen online or even on REAL SEX on HBO is that in her movies the actors have a CONNECTION besides their genitals touching or penetrating each other. You almost NEVER see that in adult films. Madison’s movies feel like you are watching two people who actually reallly like each other and are truly attracted to each other and they don’t look like they just got paid to show up and shoot a scene. There is eye contact and an intimacy that you rarely see in adult films – even though the kink level is off the charts for most.

As I like to say at my own pleasure parties, it may not be for you but do not JUDGE. I love that Madison is combining art, sex, kink, femimism, empowerment, inclusivity and education all in one beautiful red heaeded package. She is a FORCE to be reckoned with!  I also can’t wait to ask our local Porn Star which is her favorite sex toy.

Tune in this Wednesday Feb. 10th at 11 a.m. Pacific on http://www.BlogTalkRadio.comBlissRadio


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