Masseur, perfect vibrator for airport security and customs

by Chrystal Bougon on April 19, 2010

Masseur from Cal Exotics

Masseur from Cal Exotics

This luxurious and discreet toy from Cal Exotics is perfect for traveling! No embarassing AIRPORT or CUSTOMS moments with this beautifully discreet vibrator. It’s called the Masseur by Cal Exotics. We keep it in stock and we promise very discreet shipping, too! (Plus free shipping on purchases over $25 is always our rule.)

It’s 5″ long and fits in your hand so perfectly! It’s very ergonomic and it’s designed to curve very comfortably over a woman’s pubic bone for very direct clitoral stimulation. This Masseur toy is a nice compliment to any toy collection.

This lovely vibrator can be used in the shower, too. It’s waterproof and super quiet. It takes 2 AAA batteries and has 7 speeds – much like our all time favorite toy the 5 Speed bullet. (Check out our FOUNDERS FAVORITE on our online store

There are no seams and it has this very body friendly “skin” type of material that balances out the HOT PINK brushed metal. And, the buttons are easy to operate. The first button turns the power on. It looks like the power button on any of your cell phones or favorite electronics. The second button has this little wave on it and it is the button that you use to change the speed and escalations. So, super easy to operate and the buttons illuminate so you can operate it in a dark room.

Since we really love women to OWN THEIR OWN ORGASM and to Stop Faking it Just Have One. We are on a mission to get a Cal Exotics Silver Bullet to every woman in the U.S. over the age of 18. We call it our mission. But, I can see this toy being a great toy for women and couples and could be used in place of our Free Silver Bullet. It’s small enough to hold it on our clitoris and have intercourse while you have it on that magic spot.  You can use this with your partner of all alone. And, if your kids or roommate find this toy, it’s not embarassing. I even tried it on my neck and it felt great as stress massager, too!

Sex ExpertThis is for 5th or 6th toy I have reviewed as a Cal Exotics Sex Expert and I am going to give this discreet and petite massager 4 heatrs out of 5 hearts on our Bliss heart throb scale for the simple and easy to use design and the power it packs from those two AAA batteries.

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