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by Chrystal Bougon on December 2, 2009

Sex Toys for Couples. Well, it’s my opinion that all toys can be used by couples. Even the “rabbit” style toys, or the toys that provide something phallic for penetration, can be used by a M/W couple. One of the best ways to introduce a penetration style toy to your male partner is use it TOGETHER. It can be very fun if he is holding you and MAKING OUT with you, with one arm under your neck or back and his other hand holding the toy. (Can you visualize that? It’s a very nice way to use the TWICE AS NICE toys.)

Sex Expert, Chrystal Bougon

Sex Expert, Chrystal Bougon

Ok, so let’s talk about SEX TOYS for couples! Many of the toys for couples involve cock rings. Cock Rings can be used for a variety of reasons. We like to joke at our home parties that women like cock rings for two reasons: 1. They help men to last longer and 2. They help to make the penis temporarily girthier.  The rest of the joke is that the reasons men love cock rings are : 1. They love to look down and a big, fat, girthy penis. (Ta daaaa! Look at my penis, honey!)  2. Allows them to last longer.  3. MONEY SHOT  🙂

So, some of the best sex toys for couples are the Diving Dolphin, the Matador Vibrating Cock Ring, the Screaming Orgasm, the luxe Bo from, the Doggy Style Strap and pretty much any other small vibe that can be used on the shaft, the testicles, the anus and the nipples.

Another toy that is a great couples toy are the back massager toys like the Hitachi Magic Wand or the new Mystic Wand. These toys are often referred to as a Back Massager. Read more about the back massagers here on our blog titled  Is that a Back Massager or a Sex Toy:

Women can have so many issues climaxing.  Read our blog about the 6 Things that make it Difficult for Women to Climax  Incorporating sex toys into your lovemaking can make it so much more enjoyable for both partners! Using something like a small bullet during partner sex can take your sex life to a level that will be deeply satisfying for both partners. (A small vibrator on you clitoris is almost a guaranteed orgasm, ladies!)

There aren’t any rules about which toys can be used for couples. Use your imagination. If it feels good, do it!  Bringing anything new into your bedroom can make it all very NEW, FUN and EXCITING for both partners.

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