3 Tips for Making Your Sex Toys Last Longer

by Chrystal Bougon on April 26, 2010

Toy Wipes

Toy Wipes

I heard from a customer today about a sex toy she bought from Bliss that only lasted her a year. I reminded her of a few tips to help her next sex toy last a lot longer and thought I should share this here on my Better Sex Blog.

Tip 1:  Always take the batteries out of your toys in between uses. Imagine $10 worth of batteries leaking and corroding inside of your $100 sex toy. That should CONVINCE you. I know it’s a lot of work, but I hear it over and over again. Also the better the battery, the better your toy will operate!  This is not the place to skimp on batteries. Have you ever had an intermittent sex toy or a toy whose batteries were dull? Talk about cranky!  Sex toys are just like any electronic device. It is going to hold up a lot longer if you take the batteries out when not in use.

Tip #2:  Be careful how you put your sex toys away in your “naughty drawer” or your lock box. Most toys are going to fail where the wire connects to the actual toy or where the wire connects to the controller. Be careful the wires are not bent at a 90 degree angle. Pay attention to the cords and pay attention to the toys touching one another in your drawer. Some materials should not touch each other at all. If possible, separate them with a cloth or a little space.

Tip #3:  Clean your toys with an UNSCENTED baby wipe or a sex toy wipe. (Though they are pretty similar and baby wipes are much more affordable.) The anti bacterial wipes and the scented wipes can be too strong for the toys. If you use too much alcohol or stringent products on the toys, they start to develop microscopic “lint balls” which then create little porous areas for bacteria to harbor. I have been recommending for YEARS  just regular over the counter baby wipes. They are not very sexy, but that is all you need. I know it’s tempting to take them in the bathroom and scrub your toys under the faucet with soap. But, unless you KNOW your toy is SUBMERSIBLE, I do not recommend it. The bathroom is way too humid and damp. Moisture ruins electronics!

There are fantastic toy wipes  on the market, but I really feel that a regular unscented baby wipe from CVS or Safeway is much more affordable and realistic. Most people have baby wipes around. They are perfect for PRE SEX clean up and POST SEX clean up. Plus, they are perfect for cleaning your toys, too.

If you are using your toys anally or sharing then with another woman or a man, please just put a condom on the toy and then once you’re done, take the condom off and clean the toy with a baby wipe! Viola!

I hope this was helpful. Have any questions about how to care for or clean your toys?

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shayla February 1, 2014 at 10:07 pm

I have actually heard that you should use dollar store batteries so you don’t burn out the motor in sex toys.

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