Shaved, Waxed, Bushy: It’s all beautiful according to Orgasm Girl

by Chrystal Bougon on September 20, 2009

This blog is another original from our guest blogger “Orgasm Girl” and she is here this week to write to us to share the message that ALL VAGINAS are beautiful so OWN yours and ENJOY yours..whether you are waxed, lasered, shaved or bushy like a 70’s Porn Star.)

Pubic Hair Cartoon

Pubic Hair Cartoon

Catnip for the Pussy-Lover by Orgasm Girl
It’s a known fact when the pussy is waxed, lasered or trimmed up and looking pretty, it will see more action. (And we cannot forget a smooth a-hole either!)
There is something so sensuous about a well-manicured nether region that inspires more attention. It’s like catnip and many fall under the spell of this mysterious feline energy. We want to pet it, stroke it, and make it purr–but we, (and our lovers) cannot keep hands and other body parts away from a silky pussy.
Recall favorite episodes of Sex in the City where Carrie Bradshaw get the Brazilian wax, (Brazilian = zero hair leftover) and she blames her unexpected wantonness with a random man on her new baldness, announcing, “The Brazilian made me do it!” 
Samantha, our go-to woman for creative and robust sexuality, earns herself several memorable episodes focused on the business of beautifying the bush. She gets branded by her gym instructor as he shaves her in the shape of a lightening strike! (To her dismay she notices lightening can strike twice as she sees the handy work by her new lover on another woman in the gym steam room.) In a different episode while dating a man half her age, she is frantic to keep her pussy looking youthful. After she agrees to his request to grow a full bush, then finds one grey hair, she experiences a die-job gone bad and turns her box into the color of Bozo the Clown’s red wig.
I’m a big fan of ‘no hair down there’ and treated myself to Brazilian laser hair removal. (Ouch!) Even after several years of laser maintenance I still get the formidable grow out, and see my waxing lady every so often to remedy it. Is the pain and dollars spent from the lasers and waxing worth it? I answer with an unequivocal “Yes!” 
Let’s face it. Our vaginas have gotten a bad rep for too long a time and we need to start loving and appreciating them for what they are: a work of Art.
Whether you adore yours bald like baby’s butt, somewhere in between with a trim landing strip, or you prefer your own personal Amazon down south… love that pussy!


Thank you Orgasm Girl for another INSPRED Blog!

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Chrystal September 20, 2009 at 12:05 pm

Great blog from our guest blogger Orgasm Girl. I just want to give a shout out to a couple of our favorite Bay Area Waxers, as long as we are on the subject.

In Willow Glen, Jessica at is where I love to go and she is VERY GOOD and yes, it does hurt. Mention Bliss for a discount. She only focuses on waxing – so bikini, eyebrows, etc. She is next to Longs on Lincoln Ave and Brace.

In Los Gatos, we also love Char of and Char offers waxing for men and women. Very few waxers will also wax men. Gentlemen, be on your best behavior please. Char also offers hair cuts, colors, mani/pedis etc. She is inside of the Shangri La Salon in Los Gatos.

We love them both and be sure to mention Bliss or Chrystal when you go and see them. They usually have some kind of special offer for my friends and customers.

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