Kegel. Kegel. Kegel. Then kegel some more!

by Chrystal Bougon on February 24, 2012

Did you just do one? The word kegel is like a yawn. When you see someone yawn –  you yawn. When you hear the word kegel – you kegel! (Here is a blog we shared in 2009 about how to kegel properly.)

Ok, I’m not going to lie. This toy has a lot going on all at one time. Well, to be precise, it really depends on how much you want going on. This toy / tool, the Jopen Intensity , has many OPTIONS. You do not have to use them all at the same time. But it’s sure to have something for every girl!

Let’s break it down a little bit. What I am SO excited about with this toy, or power tool as like to call them at Bliss, is that is LOOKS so different then all of the other toys in the world. We love innovation at Bliss. And, you see that sort of fatty bulbous handle? That doubles as a pump! That’s right. You give it a few good squeezes and the shaft (the insertable part of this sex toy) grows right before your eyes. Fun trick, isn’t it dear reader.

“You go to the gym and exercise every muscle in your body…except for one. Most of us forget about the muscle responsible for our sexual health and wellness.”

It also has a button that lets the air out very quickly if don’t want it TOO fat. And, see those little metal pads on the shaft? Well, those give your vagina little electro stimulation zaps! Yes. It give your vagina a little bit of electro stimulation which actually automatically makes your vaginal walls grip down on the shaft. Trippy. At first I was very very afraid of the electro stimulation part of the toy and just tried it without using the zapper. (But, it does also come with a special gel that goes on the stim pads to help it be more conductive and to help lubricate things a little bit in case you’re nervous like me.)

Ok, side bar here Bliss fans. Did you know some women get so good at doing their kegels that they can have an orgasm from just doing their kegels? No exterior stimulation at all. Just from squeezing their vaginal walls together. YES. That means DO THEM. The better toned your PC floor the more itense your orgasms become. Recently I heard sex therapist Dr. Berman suggest we should be doing 125 – 150 kegels a day. WOW. The old advice was like 12 reps a day. Dr. Berman says 10 times that now. So, get busy. Drop and give me 20. 🙂

This toy / tool als has a clitoral stimulator that is from that “twice as nice” rabbit style design. We love it when we get penetration and clitoral stimulation together. About 3 to 4″ of penetration with a very strong clit stimulator. 5 speeds of vibration – and we all know how much I love the 5 speeds around here.

I can tell you that I am a g-spot girl and I really did not notice any g-spot vibration from the toy. For me, it’s just not the right shape or right angle to hit my g-spot. But, everyone is designed differently. You definitely can feel the electro stim on your g-spot though – when you’re brave enough to turn on that feature. But, don’t be scurrrrred. The additional stimulation can REALLY intensify your clitoral climax, so give it a spin. Just be sure you use the gel and have it inside you before you start using the electro stimulation.

This toy requires 4 aa batteries and I love how easy to use the buttons on the handle of the toy. In the heat of the moment, no one wants to have to try and figure out the switches and dials on a sex toy. Jopen got it right when they designed this luxury toy. You gotta love a toy that can get you off and exercise and strengthen your “sex” muscles while using it.

Have you tried it? How many kegels do you do a day? Do you have any great ways to remember to do your kegels every day?

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Erika February 28, 2012 at 4:18 pm

WOW! I’m stunned by how many kegels were supposed to do a day..that’s quite a work out!

One easy way I have to remember to do them several times a day is to do them when you go to the bathroom. Try to stop and start your flow several times until you’re finished going.  Uses the same muscles and since you’re focused on that area anyway, bathroom breaks seem like a natural place to fit them in.

Another way to add more is when you’re driving. Every time you come to a stop, start doing kegels until it’s time for you to start moving again. See how many you can get in at one stoplight and you maybe surprised!

Combine both of these and you’ll find that getting to 125-150 a day is much easier!   

Anonymous February 28, 2012 at 4:28 pm

YES. Great tips, Erika. Thanks.  They happen quickly when you put your tricks into action.

Charbougon February 28, 2012 at 8:45 pm

Great tips Erika…..kegels are something all women should be doing. It sounds like too much trouble, but once you get into the habit it is easy. Don’t waste time standing in line at the grocery or department store, do your kegels. They start to add up quickly.  This new product sounds very interesting, I might have to give it a try !

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