The Full Body Kiss & Sex Ed with a Sex Geek Reid Mihalko

by Chrystal Bougon on June 3, 2011

sex eds by Bliss Pleasure Parties

Bliss Seminar on June 26th at our Bliss office at Sedusa Studios in Campbell!

Call it what you will, but making out is one of the best appetizers on the menu when it comes to turning a person on. And Full-Body Kissing (the art of using your mouth, lips, tongue, face, hands, arms, hair, shoulders, and legs) can be a main course all to itself, but only if you know how!Join world renowned sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko ( ) for an entertaining workshop full of frank, humorous conversations and hot demonstrations on how to take your kissing to the next level!Then ask Reid whatever questions you want about sex and relationships!DATE: Sun, June 26thTIME: 3:30 pm – 6:30pmCost: $35 early bird before June 22nd. $50 at the door.(Early bird registrants get a free Bliss goody bag, too.)

WHERE: Bliss Office at Sedusa Studios. 1300 Dell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008 Tel: 408-712 -3809 and includes a bit of wine and nibbles, too!

*** Side Bar : I have seen Reid present at two separate seminars and he is SO AMAZING! His style is very lively and energetic. He keeps it VERY real and is an amazing sex educator that shares very relevant and brutally honest information. Be sure to check out his website and sign up for his newsletter and his free ebooks! You will not be disappointed.****

In this, WOMEN ONLY! (sorry, guys) 3-hour workshop, complete with Show-N-Tell demonstrations, PLUS an extensive Sex and Relationship Q&A, you will learn:

How to use your entire body to turn any kiss into a Full-Bodied Kiss

Ways to use pressure, body weight, and sound to enhance you and your partner’s making out

How NOT to give hickeys!

Reid’s favorite erogenous zones for surprise smooch attacks!

Ears, back of the neck, and wrists and how to tease them with your kisses…

Why French Kissing isn’t the end-all be-all and what lies beyond simple “tongue-macrame”…

Practical approaches to teaching a lover how to be a better kisser.

Fingers and forearms and why they’re JUST as important as your lips in making out…

Plus… Tips on breaking the ice for that anxiety-ridden first kiss and how not to botch it!

Whether you’re focusing on making your date swoon the first time your lips touch or getting your lover breathing heavy and writhing with pleasure on the couch, The Full-Body Kiss workshop is going to upgrade what your mouth and body are capable of. Take your kissing technique beyond 8th grade, and start getting your black belt in making out today!

Be sure to bring your questions on sex and relationships!

Ask Reid anything and everything! (Think of all of those questions you have always wanted to ask a guy, but were too embarassed. I will even have a way for you to ask them anonymously if you are shy.)  

Want some more information about Bliss or about Reid? “Like” our Facebook Pages and we do our best to answer questions within 48 hours. and or give Chrystal a call at 408-712-3809 if you want more info about the seminar on June 26th.


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