Pink: Silicone Lube as seen on the Dr. Oz show

by Chrystal Bougon on April 15, 2012


Many of you who listen to our Bliss Podcast or have been to our Bliss Pleasure Parties know that I am a BIG TIME FAN of the Eros Silicone Lubricant. I love how long lasting it is and how perfect it is for women are sensitive to chemicals, preservatives and flavor additives that you find it lots of lubricants. (Preservatives, fragrance, parabens are just a few of the ick offenders in many water based lubricants. Not so vagina friendly!)

And, you know we talk a lot about how so many things can make it difficult for women to get wet. Simple things like allergy medicine and too many Rock Stars or Starbucks. In fact, here is our blog “6 Things that can make it difficult for a woman to lubricate.”

And while I have written excessively about why I love the EROS silicone lubricant, I have to give props to this Pink silicone lubricant. (Here is a blog I wrote about the 15 Reasons Why I Love the Eros lube so much.)  I probably would have not even given Pink lubricant a second look except that somehow it ended up on the Dr. Oz show. So, that drew my attention to it just because it received so much hype and buzz from being on the Dr. Oz Show.  Cool video here and you will notice the EROS lube in the segment, too!  Dr. Oz’s Gross Questions for your Gynocologist segment video.

I don’t see anything gross about these questions myself. But, I do love it anytime Dr. Oz or other huge media outlets like this are helping women to get rid of that “sandpaper” sex feeling. And, I love that they were talking about silicone lubricants and how water based lubes (like Astroglide, KY, Wet) are just WATER. They get sticky, they get tacky, you have to keep re-applying. When you use a silicone lubricant, a little bit will go a long ways. Just a tiny little drop of the Eros Lube or the Pink Lube will keep going and going and going.

I still prefer the Eros Lube over the Pink Lube, but I am very impressed with Pink Lube. The packaging is very light and lovely and very female friendly. It is long lasting and perfect for sensitive vaginas – just like the Eros lube.

Here is another very helpful link from Dr. Oz about lubricants for women :  Slip Sliding Away from Dr. Oz

I would really love to know if you have tried the Eros or the Pink and your opinion or contrast/comparison between the two. I would say 5 stars to Eros and 4 stars to Pink. Both great lubricants – especially when you compare them to the super crappy water based lubricants out there!)

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