How to give a woman a squirting orgasm video

by Chrystal Bougon on September 24, 2011

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NSFW! Not safe for work, people. A friend of mine heard about this video on Red Tube that demonstrates a fantastic technique for giving a woman a squirting orgasm.

It is very very explicit, but it shows exactly the right kind of hand technique and the perfect position for the female partner. You can see the woman ejaculate (squirt) and you can see her body shake and twitch involuntarily from the intensity of the g-spot orgasm. (G-spot orgasm tips from Bliss blog here.)


Many women freak out about g-spot stimulation. Because the g-spot is so close to the bladder, it sometimes gives us that sensation like we need to pee. What I like to recommend is that you empty your bladder before you play so you can relax and not worry about peeing on your partner.

This video is cool because he has a massage table and clearly a loving, trusting relationship with the woman. (And, I love the dream catchers on the wall! ) But the massage table and the camera set up in exactly the right spot is perfect for demonstrating this technique.

And, ladies, seriously. You will not pee. Your body has a mechanism that turns off the ability to pee when you are aroused. So, relax. Enjoy. Go with it. You know how after you have sex with your partner and you go to the restroom and you have to really focus and concentrate to actually be able to pee after sex? That’s that mechanism. The tissue around your bladder and urethra swell up so it takes some focus to actually be able to urinate immediatly after sexy time. 🙂

So far, the research seems to indicate that when women squirt or ejacuate, the fluid (which is closer to water then to urine) comes from the skinhs gland that is right inside of our urethra. So, when women do squirt it does come from the urethra – but not from the bladder. This gland is closer to the opening of your urethra (which most people call the pee hole).

If you would like to read some more about Sex Facts : Fact or Fiction here is a cool link on Web MD that goes through some of he myths about the g-spot, female ejaculation, penis size, etc.

This video was done so well – I wish this couple would do more videos. They do not have their information on Red Tube, but if you know how to find more of their stuff or if you can send me their information, I would really love to give them full credit and attribution for this awesomely educational demonstration.

I hope you enjoy this and if you have any questions about squirting, female ejaculation, the g spot, or any other sexual topic please feel free to comment here.

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