How our Bliss Pleasure Parties work

by Chrystal Bougon on August 11, 2012

pleasure-party-by-blissI thought it might be helpful if I outlined how our pleasure parties work. Typically, you call us first to find a date that works for your group and for us. You can even book your party online on our home page and use the schedulicity scheduler. But, give us a call at 408 712 3809 so we can discuss times and stuff.

Once we find a date, we can begin planning and we love it when there are about 15 women at your party. We find that size party brings the best energy and we all have the best chance for success for all of us. (We do not charge for our pleasure parties. We only ask for a $30 deposit to hold the date. We pride ourselves on our NO PRESSURE pleasure parties. But, we are there on a wing and a prayer that your friends may be interested in buying our products.) And, we do set up a FULL mobile sex toy store in your home the day or night of your pleasure party.

We typically suggest you plan for a good 3.5 to 4 hour window for your Bliss party. I know it sounds like a lot of time, but it goes quickly. We like to arrive around theup.  same time your friends arrive. We use the time at the beginning, while your friends are all gathering, to unload our car and bring all of the goodies into your home. We like using the Master bedroom for the store set up. We bring like 7 to 9 boxes of inventory with us in case your friends are inspired to buy products the night of your party. No one wants to wait for sex toys and we are all about INSTANT GRATIFICATION at our Bliss Pleasure Parties.

We really do set up a full mobile store in your home. The night of your party, if your friends want to make a purchase we can take all 4 major credit cards, checks and cash. WE use the SQUARE on our cell phones which all us to swipe credit cards for people who want to make a purchase and take their goodies home that night.

Typically, we will do the presentation in the living room or any room or space where everyone can sit down for about an hour and a half. Normally we like your guests sit around us in a semi circle or a circle so we can pass all of the products around in a circle so everyone can touch them, taste them, feel them, smell them, etc. (And, um, NO using them!)  🙂

The best parties are the ones where your guests feel so comfortable that they want to share and the presentation becomes very interactive. Our goal is always to create a VERY memorable Girls’ Night Out / Moms’ Night In / Bachelorette Party or what ever you are celebrating. We want to make sure everyone giggles their asses of and has  a grea time. Maybe they learn something new. Maybe they teach us something new. It’s a special occasion and we want to make sure it’s a ton of fun and not just a big sales pitch. We find if we do our job well and since we have the MOBILE SEX TOY STORE all set up… the rest just happens naturally. No need to pressure anyone to do anything ever at one of our pleasure parties.

There is an opportunity at the middle of the presentation for you and your guests to TRY a few of the products. We love to let the ladies try the nipple nibbler in their seats. And, we also invite everyone to try the clitoral arousal cream on the break. (We start our parties with the foreplay products. Then we build up to the power tools at the end. But, we do take a quick break in between so that everyone can try the clit cream and the nipple cream. Plus this little break gives everyone a chance to fill up their drinks, get something to nibble on and chat about the foreplay. )

Once we complete our presentation, we invite your friends that want to make a purchase to come back to the store and shop privately one person at a time. We are pretty strict about the ONE PERSON in the store at a time. It’s REALLY great when each person can get a few minutes of alone time with us. We even invite women who do not want to buy anything to come back to the store so they can chat with. Sometimes women just need someone to talk to about what is going on or what is NOT going on in their bedrooms. And, how often do you get a sex expert or a sex toy expert in your bedroom? ) And, remember, we never pressure anyone to do anything EVER – so they are welcome to come and talk with us.

Typically, we fill all orders the night of the party. IF you have a really big party, we may run out of inventory. But,we can handle backorders, too. Most of the time you or your friends will get their back orders within about 3 days.

I should let you know that when you or your friends use a credit card for a purchase, the credit card statement information is very discreet, too. It just says CB Presents on your credit card statement. Nothing about sex toys at all. We know that when it comes to our products and parties, our clients enjoy much discretion.

Be sure to share our online store with your friends before the party. It helps to give them a feel for our products and our prices. If you send out an evite or if you do a Facebook event, we would love to be included, too. Most of our customers tend to send out an evite or a Ping to invite their friends.

We love to recommend that you keep it simple. No need to go crazy. Maybe make one of our Bliss Naughty Cocktail recipes and build a theme around that. Just some appetizers and nibbles are plenty. No need to go to crazy on the food. Or ask your friends to bring a naughty appetizer. Some people are so creative and think of all kinds of naughty things to do with hot dogs, meatballs, cookies and naughty biscotti.

Have any questions? Give us a call at 408 712 3809. You can email us or text us, too. Our email is so send us a note and let’s book your pleasure party today!

Blissfully, Chrystal

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