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by Chrystal Bougon on August 23, 2010




Oral Sex Seminar Sept. 12th in the South Bay at the Beverly Heritage Hotel starting at 3pm.  I am so excited to be hosting this Sexuality Seminar and happy to present the internationally acclaimed Sex Educator Midori who will be teaching this seminar. Our sponsor is and they are the innovative company who manufactures vibrators and other sex toys that work with your MP3 players! We love their super sassy and beautifully designed romance toys and other goodies that are as naughty as the playlist on your iPod. and Better Sex Radio is thrilled to offer this Sexuality Class and invite you and your friends to join us. Both classes will be co-ed, there will be no nudity and all props will be in the form of fruit and vegetables! You will learn how to GIVE world class oral pleasure and learn tips on being better at receiving oral pleasure. Details for the Joystick Secrets and Eat a Peach seminar if you would like more detailed info about what each seminar entails.

Register here for both the JoyStick and Peach Seminar $60:

Register for the Joystick Seminar Only $35: 
Register for Eat a Peach Seminar Only $35:



Learn how to make him moan and writhe in unbelievable pleasure. Join internationally-acclaimed sex educator Midori for this in-depth training on pleasuring your guy with your hands, mouth and more! Using delicious practice props (think fruit!) you’ll learn all about the sucks, licks, swirls, strokes and touch secrets that will blow his mind. She’ll even cover tips on how to reduce discomforts or gag reflexes.

Learn the art of giving her pleasure from internationally-acclaimed sex educator Midori. For the ladies, find out how to take pleasure into your own hand and make it hotter, whether solo flight or flying together.  This workshop is packed with secrets, tips and tricks on how to give the most blissful sensations with your loving mouth and dexterous digits.
I hope you’ll join us for this very SPECIAL class. As those of us who live in the South Bay know, it’s RARE to have something like this here in the San Jose/ Milpitas area. Normally we have to drive to San Francisco or Santa Cruz for these kinds of events. So please SUPPORT us and attend this seminar so we can keep em coming! ( so to speak of course.)
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