9 Sex Tip Blogs : Our Best of Bliss Helpful Sex Tips

by Chrystal Bougon on March 8, 2011

Sex Blogs

 Sex Tip Blogs that you don’t want to forget! This is a Sex Toys by BlissConnection.comBest of” blog and we wanted to put all of our most helpful sex tips blogs in one place for you.  Over the last three years we have written about how to Beat Bedroom Boredom and how to make your sex toys last longer. We have also written a helpful blog about How to Shave Senstive areas, How to have pain free anal sex and How to store your sex toys.

3 Tips for Shaving your Coochy Blog

 5 Tips for Bondage on a Budget Blog

15 Reasons we think Eros is the Best Lube Ever

3 Tips for Beating the Bedroom Boredom Blog

5 Tips for Storing your Sex Toys Blog

3 Tips for Making Your Sex Toys Last Longer Blog

7 Tips on How Not to Eat Her Cookie Blog  (Our wildly popular oral sex blog!)

Sexy at Any Size Essay Contest Blog

9 Tips for Pain Free Anal Sex Blog

We look forward to your comments and let us know what else we can help you with. We love to write helpful blogs that bring you more great sex! Please FAN us on Facebook and keep in touch with us.  Bliss On Facebook


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